Monday, May 14, 2012

Where do Quaker Parrots come from?

Supposedly you are considering owning a Quaker parrot, but you might also be wondering where Quaker parrots come from, too. For some countries like in Southern America, these kinds of parrots are regarded as pests. However, In many other countries, they consider Quaker parrots as a nice pet. There are many people out there who are looking for the best bird to own, but, it is also good to know where these parrots live, which will also help you on what decision to make when it comes to buying a pet Quaker!

Primarily, Quaker parrots are a native of Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. In these places, you can see a ton of Quaker parrots, including many different species! In fact, in these places, there is a population explosion of Quakers! You can find these pets everywhere flying freely and shifting from one tree to another! In fact, this is one of the birds which are being presented in bird festivals in Brazil.

Aside from knowing more about the Quaker Parrots origin, it is also important that there are some processes that you need to undergo when you are planning to obtain one. Before you can own a Quaker parrot, in some cases you need to obtain a permit. By obtaining this permit, you will be able to own the parrot legally.

We hope that this information was very educational. Now you know where these wonderful little parrots come from, and where you could possibly aquire one. But still, the legal part of owning a Quaker should be considered so that you can legally own and domesticate this wonderful pet in your house.


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